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Asylum Recording Studios was founded by Matthew "Mr. Zills" Gregory in 2010 in Plainfield Illinois and officially set up a new location in Dubuque, Iowa. Matthew is also the owner of Dungeon Distributions and Everplast Music. 


Matt created an outlet for his own music and believed it was a way to assist other independent artists looking for quality sound at reasonable rates. 


Matt aka "Mr. Zills" is very meticulous about his work that is approved by industry standards. 



In 2010, Mr. Zills started his own music label and soon following his own digital distribution that have assisted in the careers of several notable artists from the Midwest. In 2013 Mr. Zills moved his label,  distribution and built new facility for Asylum Recording Studios in Dubuque, Iowa; where he continues to assist other artists with their musical talents.

Growing up in a musically inclined family, Mr. Zills learned how to appreciate different sounds, while learning the intricate details of music creation through his family of aunts, uncles, which includes his gospel singing Grandmother, Gladys Beamon. He cultivated what he loved through the years.

Zills has a lot of accomplishments under his belt including music production, movie scoring, Arts & Cultural Commissioner of Dubuque, Music director of a local arts organization, several music releases, underground club remixes, and edits being played globally.


Asylum Recording & Live Sound Services is a professional Live sound and Recording studio located in Dubuque, IA, featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools. Music is an art that should be carefully crafted by the artist with the support of a professional industry standard engineer. We offer a wide range of audio production services. 


We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help local musicians make awesome sound recordings.

Located at The Smokestack in Dubuque, we can also record live concerts and shows for artists, musicians, bands and more. Ask us how


We take great pride in our work and our day to day functions would not and could not happen without an amazing team. Each day we are looking to expand to provide the best sound service in our region as well as take our skills worldwide. We can not have any greater expectations if we didn't have a great team of high professional standards.




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Alanda is Operations & Administrative Manager. She helps manage the day to day operations of Asylum Recording Studios. Alanda Gregory coins herself as an Authorpreneur. She has 25+ years in Administration and operations. Alanda keeps us moving along behind the scenes. Alanda is also a writer, speaker & Personal Development Coach/Mentor professional on a mission! Alanda Gregory Co-Founder of the Phoenix Group/iPhoenix Media and Co-Creator of House of Aria Magazine.

Alanda has learned much from the entertainment business as well as taken her past experience as a corporate professional and a creative professional to create services tailored to other professionals of the art/culture, entertainment and small business. Alanda is a self-taught entrepreneur & entertainer open to understanding the needs of the creative professional. We are extremely honored to have Alanda as part of our Studio team, she is a valuable member that helps us run a tight ship.

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