The Studio

Located within Dubuque, Iowa's vibrant Couler District, also recognized as The Art Corridor, Asylum Recording Studios stands as a proud supporter of the local arts scene, fostering partnerships with fellow creatives. Through our collaboration with The Glasshouse, we form the dynamic entity known as "The Stu." Asylum Recording Studios offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs and styles of our clients. Our expertise spans Audio Recording, Voiceovers, Mixing & Mastering, Podcasts, and Live Sound & Sound Design. Complementing our offerings, The Glasshouse specializes in Hip Hop, city-supported Public Access TV recordings, and urban podcasting. Within the multifaceted space of "The Stu," we host a variety of events, including the popular First Fridays, which showcase emerging artists and foster creative exchange. Stay informed about our upcoming events by following us on Facebook. Join us in celebrating the richness of artistic expression and creativity.

First Fridays at The Stu

The Studio at Work